Annual Celebration

We would love you to come and join us at our Annual Celebration.  We have had another active year with much to celebrate and much to tell you about, so please do join us for what we hope will be an enjoyable occasion at 6pm on Sunday 21st May at Costa Coffee in Diss and will be followed by a brief optional AGM.

Integrate YFC is an independent local charity, launched in 2008 with the purpose of reaching local young people - we are now serving more teenagers and supporting more local churches than ever before.

Steph and the team are looking forward to presenting some of the highlights of this exciting work, and encouraging you to support Integrate YFC in any way you can, so that we can grow the work further and see more young people develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

We look forward to seeing you,

Steph, Genevieve, Daniel & the IYFC Trustees


Integrate Camp 2017

When: 26th August - 1st September 2017 at Sizewell Hall, Suffolk
Download an application form here : Integrate Camp Booking 2017

Exciting new project...

Banham Youth Heritage Project

Integrate Youth For Christ have been awarded funding through the Heritage Lottery Fund to deliver a range of projects connected with major refurbishment work on St Mary's church in Banham.  IYFC have had a long relationship with the church, using it successfully for a venue of a Youth Cafe for over 5 years.  Volunteers from the church support the youth cafe and we will be using the relationships formed to enable young people to discover more about the church and its place in the spiritual life of the village.
Heritage Lottery Fund

Make a Life...

make a LifePlease pray for our ongoing financial support. We desperately need new people to sign up to our 100 tenners campaign – that’s just £10 a month – so that we can cover our regular outgoings and be in a position to grow the work in the future.

We believe God has given us a vision to have a worker dedicated to each high school catchment in our area, serving the local churches and running activities with local volunteers, but with our regular support having fallen a little recently, we need a lot of prayer and faith to realise this.

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