Brunch Invite

Integrate YFC Brunch Invite

Introducing Gen!

Genevieve HalvorsenHi everyone, my name is Genevieve, and I am the new Integrate YFC Youth Worker.  Paul says in the Bible about becoming all things to all people so that they may know Christ and over the years I have found myself being a cowgirl, skateboarder, robot, movie director, master chef, artist, giant jellyfish, actor, counsellor, law enforcer and friend. Working with young people causes you to be creative in ways you could never imagine and it's partly why I love youthwork so much - no day's the same. And now I am on an exciting adventure with Integrate YFC!

Exciting new project...

Banham Youth Heritage Project

Integrate Youth For Christ have been awarded funding through the Heritage Lottery Fund to deliver a range of projects connected with major refurbishment work on St Mary's church in Banham.  IYFC have had a long relationship with the church, using it successfully for a venue of a Youth Cafe for over 5 years.  Volunteers from the church support the youth cafe and we will be using the relationships formed to enable young people to discover more about the church and its place in the spiritual life of the village.
Heritage Lottery Fund

Make a Life...

make a LifePlease pray for our ongoing financial support. We desperately need new people to sign up to our 100 tenners campaign – that’s just £10 a month – so that we can cover our regular outgoings and be in a position to grow the work in the future.

We believe God has given us a vision to have a worker dedicated to each high school catchment in our area, serving the local churches and running activities with local volunteers, but with our regular support having fallen a little recently, we need a lot of prayer and faith to realise this.

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