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Freedom in Christ

Freedom Through Christ

This is a 14 session programme with an optional ministry weekend at the end of the course. This will really get your young people thinking and breaking down self-inflicted strongholds in their lives. It comes with DVD clips, games, icebreakers, interactive worship activities, discussions, responses and more.

One of the many issues facing young people today is their own quest for self-identity. Who am I? Why do I act the way that I do? What do I like about myself? What do I dislike about myself? What is holding me back? How can God love me?

Freedom in Christ gives young people the opportunity to work through any issues and strongholds they have that could potentially hold them back and prevent them from becoming the amazing disciples that God has envisioned them to be. It aids them in discovering who they are and provides ways of breaking through thoughts, feelings and obstacles that prevent them from growing as strong, confident individuals. It also gives them the opportunity to take their faith into their own hands and begin, strengthen or continue their personal relationship with God.

This course can be taken by young people just starting their Christian walk and/or as a “next step” after Youth Alpha course.

Rock Solid

Rock SolidRock Solid is an amazing evangelistic resource that equips you with the ideas and structures to regularly provide a fun environment in which you  communicate the good news of Jesus in a creative and relevant way.  Hundreds of churches use Rock Solid and its combination of games, interactive activities, discussions, short talks, media and more to see transformation in the lives of 11-14s as they encounter God.

Rock Solid explores a life issue from a Christian perspective, helps you build life-changing relationships and gives young people a brilliant time, wherever they are at on their journey of faith. A Rock Solid session provides a structure of approximately 60 minutes’ worth of activities, but is flexible enough to be shortened, lengthened or adapted to fit the needs of your young people. Using Rock Solid will make a huge difference to your planning time. It will enable you to spend the hours previously taken up by planning youth group sessions in building relationships with your young people or praying for them.


myLifeGrowing Character  ~  Building Life Skills

An accredited programme made up of unique character based life skills courses

myLife supports teachers, youth workers and mentors working with:

  • Young people as they transition into adulthood
  • Young people who are disengaged from learning
  • Young people with special educational needs
  • Young people at risk of offending, in custody or being resettled

myLife combines the development of crucial life skills with the development of eight character traits; through engaging and creative resources, young people are empowered to make positive choices.

myLife character traits are: empathy, resilience, self-control, kindness, humility, integrity, loyalty and endurance.

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