Cage Football Rules

  • Each Game consists of two teams each with 2 players.
  • A goal is only scored when the ball touches the back wall of the goal box.
  • A player must be in their opponents' half to score.
  • After a goal is scored the defending team must start with the ball in their own half and the scoring team must return to their own half. (The team in possession of the ball does not have to wait for their opponents to be ready before beginning the game again).
  • No goal keeping allowed.
  • Each game lasts 2 minutes. The winner is the team that scores the most goals in those 2 minutes.
  • If the score is even then 30 seconds of ‘golden goal’ will be played.
  • If the score is still even both teams are out.
  • If at any point in the game a player performs a ‘nutmeg’ then that player's team automatically wins, no matter what the time or the score line. (A nutmeg is only completed successfully when the ball is placed between an opponent's legs and collected on the other side by the same player before the ball touches any other player or wall).
  • Rules on tackles are the same as normal football games.
  • No slide tackles.
  • No two-footed tackles.
  • No elbowing or shoulder barging.
  • No striking opponents.
  • No holding onto the cage or opponents to protect the ball.
  • Fouls will result in the clock being stopped and opponents returning to their own halves with the fouled player taking possession.
  • Referee's decisions are final and will not be discussed!

Diss Prayer Space

Despite having run several successful prayer spaces in high schools before, we were slightly nervous about running our first prayer space in Diss High School. Firstly, we were taking on the rather daunting task of transforming the school library, formerly a school hall. Secondly, it is the biggest high school that we have run a prayer space in so far and thirdly, we have very few Christian contacts within the school and weren’t sure how the prayer space would be received by staff. However, as our preparations were coming together, there was a real sense that God was going ahead of us and preparing a way. Empty slots in our volunteer rotas suddenly filled, the last few bits of equipment we needed were found, including an email from Indonesia to offer us our final gazebo for the week, and we started to hear of prayers that were being said for the prayer space in unexpected places. The set-up, far from being difficult, was actually smoother than ever before, with an excellent and creative team of volunteers from different churches all working together.

Creative Holiday Week

Integrateyfc Summer Creativity Week Creative Posters Getting Creative this Summer!

Young people have stacks of creative energy and for four days at the end of the summer holidays Integrate YFC helped some learn new skills and develop old ones through the use of smart phones, apps, memes and Facebook alongside practical skills, such as art and sewing. 

The week culminated in a trip to the beach with fish and chips - a perfect way to end the summer holidays!

Creative Sand ArtLooking out to Sea

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