Pray through May

As part of our #PrayThroughMay initiative and our regular pattern of prayer, we had planned to have a prayer walk around Diss this Sunday at 2.30pm.  Obviously with the current restrictions on gathering and travel, this is no longer possible but rather than cancel it, we thought it was a great opportunity to expand our prayer walk all over the area we work in! So instead of a prayer walk in one place, we would like to invite you to join our Socially Distant Prayer Walk where you live as part of your daily exercise this Sunday – and maybe even every Sunday during May! - read our prayer guide

Prayer walking simply involves walking around your community, praying for the places and people you see around you. You may plan to stop at specific locations, or you may just walk and see where the Spirit leads – either way, it’s an exciting and engaging way to pray.

God told Joshua: ‘I will give you every place where you set your foot’ (Joshua 1:3 NIV), and there is something powerful and significant about making our prayers physical: expressing our longings for places by going and standing there to pray. We currently have about 365 people on our supporters list so imagine if all those people were to prayer walk on Sundays in May, how much ground we would cover!

So even if you’ve never taken part in a prayer walk before, we’d love you to give it a go and intentionally pray for young people and churches while taking your daily exercise.  It’d be great if you could do so at 2.30pm, which is when we will be prayer walking, but if not just do it at a time that suits you!

We’ve put together a prayer guide to give you some ideas of how to do it and some prompts of things to pray for which you can use if you’d like to do so. Please let us know if you take part as it would be a huge encouragement to know we are praying together.

Let’s claim this generation of young people for God!

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