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Hi everyone, my name is Genevieve, and I am the new Integrate YFC Youth Worker.  Paul says in the Bible about becoming all things to all people so that they may know Christ and over the years I have found myself being a cowgirl, skateboarder, robot, movie director, master chef, artist, giant jellyfish, actor, counsellor, law enforcer and friend. Working with young people causes you to be creative in ways you could never imagine and it's partly why I love youthwork so much - no day's the same. And now I am on an exciting adventure with Integrate YFC! I grew up near Diss, and attended Integrate YFC events throughout my teens, including the summer camp (which at the time was called Snoccash) and they were part of the journey of who I am today. In rural communities, it can be hard as a young person following Jesus. The support networks are not the same as in the cities, so I was very grateful for the input the organization had in teaching and supporting me alongside similar aged people. Just over a year ago, I moved back from Canada, where I had been working as a Horse Camp Programme Director for Hope Mission's Brightwood Youth Ranch, working with young people from single parent, group or foster homes (imagine cowgirl cum youthworker), and then as an inner city Youth and Child Worker at the Tegler Centre in Edmonton. I was excited to see the position with Integrate YFC open up as I am passionate about reaching young people. I believe that today's society is complicated to navigate and we should be light and truth for them. I will be mainly based in the Thetford area, where I can see a big need for us and this can be seen by the numbers already attending Pulse and Pulse Extra without much advertising. We have lots of dreams and hopes for the organization and the Thetford area, so please pray that God's plans to break through, for funding and for myself in this new role.

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