Exploration Station

Exploration Station Flyer

3 Sundays from 10th March, 5:30-7:00pm @ Costa Coffee, Diss

Exploration Station is the ideal place for young people to chew over the big questions they have about life, the universe and everything. If you're curious about Christianity or even if you've never thought about it before, you'll find it stimulating, entertaining and enjoyable. Invite your mates!

Costa Coffee opens its doors especially for us on a Sunday evening. We'll be chilling out with drink in hand, catching up with friends. The middle half hour will be filled with an interactive presentation on our theme of the night, including video clips and wise words. Then you get to have your say by engaging with one of the optional exploration stations. Or you can just sit and contemplate deep things.



Who is it for?

Exploration Station is for anyone of secondary school age, but is particularly suited to 14-17 year olds. If you like the idea of chatting through some deep issues in a relaxed way, then it's probably right for you.

When is it happening?

More2life Exploration Station 2013 will run on 3 Sundays from 10th March . Doors open at 5.30pm and close at 7.00pm. Drinks are on sale at normal store prices during the event. There is no charge for admission

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